Creating and Keeping Wealth

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck, having to use credit cards or not having any cash available for the inevitable occurrences in life – emergencies, car repair, home repairs, education or other unexpected expenses? Are your credit cards maxed out?

Do you feel like you will never get ahead?

If you want different results, you have to do something different!

The Infinite Banking Concept not only helps you become financially independent and prepared for those expenses, but helps you become more disciplined in your money management! When an expense comes up, do you immediately reach for plastic? Or do you weigh all of your options (finances, obligations, needs, wants) and make an educated decision on how to best spend your money?

Now, we’re not saying that every decision should be a huge undertaking, but if you are saving up for a shiny new flat-screen TV and your car needs new tires, do you buy the TV and put the tires on a credit card or do you forego your want of a new TV and take care of your need for new tires?

So many people get caught up in the trap of credit cards and then one day find themselves deep underwater, wondering how they got there. And the credit card companies count on that. They know that once they have you indebted to them, it’s very hard to get out of it. Meanwhile, they are stealing not only your money today through high interest rates, but they are robbing you of any future gains on that money. And if the credit card companies and banks can get you hooked when you are younger and typically do not have good spending habits, you will end up a slave to their system for the rest of your life, making them richer while you struggle to make ends meet.

Don’t get caught in the trap…and if you are there…there is a way out! With the Infinite Banking Concept you can actually incorporate your existing debt into your system so that you not only pay off the creditors, but you recapture interest you would have otherwise paid to them!

The Infinite Banking Concept gives you a means of financial independence and provides real, living benefits through:

  • allowing you to control your pool of money
  • having liquidity (ie: you can access it quickly)
  • easy access to your own credit
  • control over how loans are paid back without fear of creditor harassment
  • recapturing lost interest you would have otherwise paid someone else
  • continuously growing your cash value for retirement, college or other large expenses
  • providing for your family in the event of death
  • passing down a system to your heirs so that their needs (and those of future generations) are provided for

Worry-Free Financing

One of the many benefits of the Infinite Banking Concept is that over time you will create the resources to give you the ability to:

  • purchase a car without worrying about qualifying for credit or a low interest rate
  • pay for college tuition without racking up high-interest student loans
  • put a down-payment (or even cover the entire purchase cost) on a new home
  • pay for medical expenses
  • make improvements to your home
  • access emergency cash

…or any number of expenditures that we find ourselves having to cover throughout our lifetimes.

Just imagine, you need to paint your house, buy books for college, or want to go on a vacation. You can just take a loan out from your personal privatized bank, pay yourself back, and earn interest! It really is that simple!

No filling out mountains of paper, credit checks, or worry about getting denied. You are the banker; it’s your money!

The truth is that throughout life we have to finance many purchases. You either pay interest to someone else for using their money, or you lose interest you would have otherwise earned by using your cash reserves. Infinite banking not only helps solve your need for financing, but also allows you to recapture lost interest AND finally, once and for all, take control of your finances!

What does the term “wealthy” mean to you? Most people have the perception that having a lot of money makes you wealthy. Well, having a lot of money with a lot of debt to go with it leaves you no better off!

And many people find that having more money just comes with more problems! Why? Because their financial woes did not come from how much money they had, they came from how they treated and managed their money! Having more money often just magnifies the underlying problems. Did you know that roughly 1/3 of lottery winners end up bankrupt within 5 years?

Instead, think of having wealth in this way: the ability to take care of yourself and your family and having the resources to do so without worry or having to go into debt.

It is less about the amount of money that you have and more about how you manage it.

There are a couple sayings in the financial world that may ring true for you or others you know:
“Expenses will rise to meet income.”
“A luxury, once enjoyed, becomes a necessity.”

Do you think this is true? Of course it is! And these two items alone can have devastating effects on any financial system! In fact for any financial system to work, or even if you have no system in place and are just using a normal savings account, the success of your money management hinges on conquering them!

The Infinite Banking Concept teaches you how to create wealth through discipline and planning. It’s not just about “socking” money away each year, but aligning your goals with your resources and creating an effective plan to create the wealth you need to live the life you want today while providing for your (and your family’s) future!

It’s not enough just to amass the wealth you need for retirement and other expenditures, you want to be able to provide for your children (and their children) as well. The Infinite Banking Concept offers you a lifestyle that allows you to create the wealth you need, protect it and pass it on to future generations.

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