It’s no secret that if you own a business, your need for financing never goes away. In fact, it only increases as your business grows. It usually takes a business 5-7 years to show a profit. There are always incidents that come up in your business that require immediate cash. These circumstances can range from unplanned increases in the cost of materials for your business to a major repair or replacement of equipment that you were not expecting.

Families and individuals also find themselves in need of financing just as strongly as business owners do. Like it or not, all of us finance everything. We either pay interest to the bank or credit card company, or we pay our own cash and pass up interest that we could have and should have earned. Sometimes life events will require cash that we just don’t have. What if your child falls and breaks a leg or has a concussion, or your HVAC system goes out?

These unexpected events are sure to bring on extra stress that can be alleviated only by having ready cash on hand. What do you do if your health insurance has a high deductible, or worse, your savings account has been depleted by the last emergency situation that came up 3 months ago? Do you resort to putting these extra sizable expenses on your credit card, or do you make a trip to your local bank or credit union to request a short-term loan? It’s very easy to get caught in the trap of making 90 day loans or putting emergency expenses on your credit card. If you think about it, you realize that you are creating another problem because credit card companies entice us with low introductory interest rates which increase as time goes on. Even short-term signature loans carry one of the highest interest rates that a bank offers.

These situations make it extremely hard to get out of this vicious cycle. To overcome circumstances like the ones just discussed, we can show individuals and businesses alike how to create a privatized banking system that will allow access to ready cash without having to give in to the credit card or short-term loan trap. The ideal financing tool that is totally unbound from the traditional banking business and from credit card dependency is a properly structured dividend-paying whole life insurance policy from a pure mutual life insurance company. Once your privatized baking system is established and funded, you WILL have Worry-Free Financing available to you on your terms. That, my friends, is being financially in control of your money!

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