After seeing all of the tax and money schemes our Federal Reserve and  Federal Government have foisted on us, the American people since 1971, nothing surprises me!

Big Money Establishment

The new Hot Button phrase in the Financial world is “The Time Value of Money”.  What a pile of you know what!  This phrase is a creation of the Big Money Establishment. Pensions have practically bitten the dust, and IRAs and 401ks are losing popularity every day.  They have proven that they were created for the Government’s retirement, not yours or mine. You know the old saying: “If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, it IS a duck!  The Big Money Establishment stays up day and night coming up with the newest money grabbing schemes.  Take a look at the following key words and phrases on the internet search engines about The Time Value of Money.  The wise can “smell” these words a mile away;  they are code for more government control: A. Period of time; B. Interest Rate; C. Point in time D. Future cash flows; E. Earn interest; F. Amount of money; G. Received today; H. Invested for one year; I. Value of money; J. Time Value; K. Present value of future; L. Value of the future; M. Future because; N. Today is worth; O. Rate of return; P. Future payment; Q. Hand today.

Maximum Cash Flow Strategy

There is not one mention in these key words or phrases about the strongest and oldest maximum cash flow strategy, or about its tax free status, or that it has no inflation.  Look at these Maximum Cash Flow Strategy Key Phrases: 1.Tax Free Growth; 2. Tax Free Income; 3. No Inflation; 4. Money not stored in a bank; 5. Banks do not loan their money; 6. Banks loan your money; 7. Banks make huge interest on your money; 8. Banks practice fractional lending; 9. Banks recycle your money; 10. Your bank deposit is never seen by you again; 11. Make loan and earn interest simultaneously; 12. guaranteed 4% growth even with loan; 13. Maximum Cash Flow Strategy beats any bank; 14. Banks do not work for you; 15. Maximum Cash Flow Strategy works only for you; 16. Be Your Own Banker.

We Have All Been Taught What to Think, Not How to Think

The Big Money People, with the Federal Reserve reigning supreme, our public school system, and colleges have all been at the forefront of teaching the minions what to think.  Learning how to think means consciously abandoning “group think”, and not following the crowd.  You must realize that any type of government sponsored plan or endeavor is always designed to control our money. The advocates of government sponsored plans act like they are giving us something wonderful, and then, after we buy in, we feel the Federal Government leg irons tightening around our ankles!  Once again, we have been fooled by these masters of deceit.

Real Financial Freedom

There is no freedom in the Time Value of Money, taught with traditional thinking and conventional wisdom.  Learn about real Financial Freedom where you are in total control.  Contact Nancy Jackson, Maximum Cash Flow Specialist, of, at 817-239-6441. Unbound cash flow is the Real answer.