If what you believed to be true turned out to be false, when would you want to find out?

Back in the very beginning of government-sponsored plans, they were portrayed almost like a “miracle fairy tale.” Over time, after several stock market crashes and bank meltdowns, they seem now much more like a “nightmare”.

Reality set in and clearly showed us that the only control we had over these plans was to secede and hide our money. It’s better than losing.

At the end of 2005, we learned a totally different paradigm (way) of looking at money. We learned that because of the large transfers of our wealth through unrecognized taxes and interest, we could save a lot more money by significantly reducing these transfers instead of choosing higher rates of return.

We adopted the business model practice of using a pool of money just as businesses and banks do. We also became very disciplined just as any successful business does. We further discovered that discipline is the cornerstone of any business. Hard work and smarts just won’t work without discipline!

Today it is so financially exhilarating to have these wealth transfers delivering a very positive financial tailwind in place of continually blowing as backward.

Remember, even an individual or family must perform the same as a disciplined business does, or suffer the long-term consequences. There are no bargains with quality results!

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