Planning for College and Retirement


Do you have children who you hope will someday go to college or trade school? Have you seen what it costs to send children to college/trade school these days? It’s amazing that so many students end up in so much debt getting student loans, and then spend half of their working lives (or more) trying to pay those loans back, preventing themselves from preparing for the future. Why not provide a source for college expenditures that defeats this vicious cycle?

You can utilize The Infinite Banking Concept with all of its income tax free restorative services to put the college funding under Your control and and not under the government’s control. You can start when your child is 8-10 years old purchasing Infinite Banking Concept contracts on yourselves, or on your children, or both. Your goal is to become the most efficient with your money in this endeavor. Start teaching your children about the Infinite Banking Concept and how it enables you to make your dollars do many jobs.

You have done your research and you realize that you or your child can take out student loans to cover the cost of tuition and books. By the way, any personally owned life insurance is not reported on the FAFSA loan application.

All the while, your Infinite Banking Concept personal banking system continues to grow, earning interest and dividends. After graduation, before the student loans come due, you pay off all of the government subsidized student loans, avoiding their high interest rates, by utilizing your Infinite Banking Concept personal banking system.

Now you can start paying the college loans back to yourself (your Infinite Banking Concept personal banking system), and when your graduate has acquired a good paying job, he/she starts helping you pay back his/her student loans. Remember, all of the money that has accumulated in your Infinite Banking Concept personal banking system , plus interest and dividends is still there, and can be used in any number of situations such as automobile purchases, rental property purchases, vacations, and for sure, retirement funding.

Think about it: Your son/daughter will be motivated to help you pay back their student loans because you have promised them that one day this Infinite Banking Concept legacy will pass on to them if they keep their end of the bargain! After all, you have been teaching your children from the beginning about the Infinite Banking Concept, and they understand that IBC has enabled you to make your dollars do many jobs, a feature they will want to continue in their adult lives for themselves and their children. WOW! What a legacy you have created!


Did you know that 75% of Americans retire with LESS income than they had during their working years? Social Security, in all probability, won’t be around when the 30 and 40-somethings of today are ready to retire. And, Social Security benefits simply aren’t enough to maintain a worry-free lifestyle (ask anyone who gets only Social Security!) Sadly, many financial planners, for some reason, have set the bar low and tell their clients they want to retire to two-thirds their current income because they will be in a lower tax-bracket. This is ridiculous advice!

By the time you retire, do you think taxes will go up or down? What about inflation? If you are 40 years old and make $50,000 per year today, in 25 years you will need $181,000 just to enjoy the same lifestyle! Even if by some miracle taxes go down or you end up in a lower tax bracket, the purchasing power of your money will have diminished due to inflation.

The Infinite Banking Concept allows you to not only enjoy benefits during your working years, but it also allows you to provide a retirement income that will let you maintain or improve your standard of living when you decide to retire (that’s right, decide to retire…not forced to retire as many “qualified” plans such as 401k’s and IRA’s require to avoid hefty penalties.) As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait!

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