The Pirates of Manhattan II: Highway to Serfdom


Author: Barry James Dyke

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In “The Pirates of Manhattan II: Highway to Serfdom” Barry James Dyke warns us that America is an empire in decline. We have an asset management industrial complex which controls the nation’s savings and credit for the enrichment of Wall Street, mutual fund companies, global asset managers, executive insiders and the media. You will discover:

  • Congress no longer makes regulations. Lawmakers delegate financial regulation to regulators who are controlled by lobbyists. Through lobbying, General Electric, one of the country’s largest banks, is a poster child for corporate welfare and crony capitalism.
  • The two key financial watchdogs for consumers, The Securities and Exchange Commission and Finra are impotent to correct any financial wrongdoing and imbedded in Wall Street finance.
  • The media giants Bloomberg, CBS, Disney, News Corp., CNBC/NBC/Comcast, The Tribune Company, The Washington Post, NPR, PBS and Marketplace Money have a dysfunctional co-dependent relationship with the asset management industrial complex. Financial gurus SuzeOrman, Dave Ramsey and Jane Bryant Quinn are systematically misinforming Americans with inflated claims about mutual funds—the core investment for American’s 401(k)s and retirement savings.

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