The Columbus Story

What we’re taught about something is not always the complete truth. COULD it be the ones teaching us were never taught those truths as well?

Isn’t it ironic that the people of the 15th century, in and around the times of Christopher Columbus, believed that the “world” was flat, and today, over 500 years later in the 21st century, 97% of our world’s population believes our “financial world” is just as flat? In 1492 nearly every man, woman, and child in the known world believed that the world was flat. Either the very courageous, or the very stupid Christopher Columbus thought otherwise. Going against conventional wisdom that his ship would drop off the end of the earth, Columbus and his crew sailed bravely west. Sailing into huge waves in the dark of night, with some shipmates believing the worst, Columbus sailed valiantly on. Months later, after losing two of their three ships and numerous crew members, he discovered land. The land Columbus discovered was actually North America (the United States), but he thought without reservation that it was the West Indies. Columbus was so confident of this, that he named the natives “Indians”. They were no more Indians than current Americans are Martians! What a gross mislabeling of an entire race of people.

So it is with the Infinite Banking Concept and the unique financial product that fuels it. The totally fallacious mislabeling of a very popular world-wide financial product and how it can be best utilized has been “lost at sea” by most of us. Lack of knowledge and misunderstanding of the financial world being round and not flat keeps most people from sailing toward the wonderful new world of personal finance, called The Infinite Banking Concept. You will discover that like banking, The Infinite Banking Concept is a process, not a product. Products are ever changing; the banking “process” has been the same for centuries.

Thank you, Nelson Nash, creator and founder of The Infinite Banking Concept. You are the Christopher Columbus of personal family banking!

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