In February of 2006 I met R. Nelson Nash, founder of the Infinite Banking Concept. Nelson Nash wrote the book Becoming Your Own Banker (TM) that has set the standard for the Time Value of Money Concept. For the last 30 plus years Nelson has taught individuals and business owners how to become their own bankers. The Infinite Banking Concept allows individuals and business owners alike to recycle their money in perpetuity, inflation free and income tax free.

time_value_of_moneyThe Infinite Banking Concept, as well as Nash’s book Becoming Your Own Banker, have proved to the world that the interest rates we chase and pay are not the problem. The volume of interest, 34.5% of each dollar, whether we are paying with a credit card or cash is the real problem. The banks’ well planned amortization schedule has you paying a high interest rate at the beginning or at the end of the payment period. On a 6% amortization schedule for a $100,000.00 ten year note with the bank, the yield for the bank will be over 33% of every dollar financed. After discovering that the 6% interest rate actually turned out to be 33% volume of interest for the bank, you make the decision to pay off the note with your saved money. You pay the banker $100,000.00 cash and then realize that the banker made more than 33% volume of interest on loans to others using your money! You yell, “Beam me up Scotty! I can’t beat the banker unless I call Nancy Jackson, Cashflow Management Specialist, 817-239-6441, and sign up to Become My Own Banker!

The 34.5% Banking Equation is as sure as the setting sun in the Western sky! When you are 34.5% behind in a race for time, Your Time Value of Money has been severely damaged!

IBC allows you, the individual or business owner to Use, Reuse, and Never Lose (TM) your money as many times as you like. Image using the same $1,000.00 fifty or more times! You have been watching money pass through your checking account never to be seen again; now you can get a profit on it, too. Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking Concept makes this and much more very possible. The Time Value of Money has never looked so good! Take advantage of YOUR Time Value of Money opportunity; call Nancy Jackson, Cashflow Management Specialist, today, 817-239-6441.