Term Life Insurance is a liability, while Whole Life Insurance is an asset.

A properly structured Pure Mutual Dividend Paying Whole Life Insurance Contract, built for highest possible dividends and cash value, and the lowest provable commission to the agent is the most amazing financial tool on God’s earth!

Term Insurance was created by businessmen gathered together drinking coffee at Lloyd’s Coffee House in London, England. They noticed a need for insurinlloyds_coffee_houseg cargo ships crossing the ocean with some returning safely, while others did not. These men became known as the first insurance underwriters. Each individual wrote his name under the portion of the cargo that he was covering.  So, as you can see, term insurance cost has always produced nothing but rented temporary protection. As I said, it was a liability for the purchaser in 1688, and it is still a liability for you today.

Whole Life Insurance was created in the early 1800’s and has always had a guaranteed lifetime cost and cash value. A Pure Mutual Company pays dividends to their policyholders, not to Wall Street stockholders.

Universal Life, Indexed Universal Life, and Variable Universal Life Insurance were created in the early 1980’s. These contracts are very different than Whole Life Insurance. They have an investment component and a term life insurance component. These products were originally created by an investment company called E.F. Hutton. The fact that these products were not begun until the early 1980’s tells us that they have not withstood the test of time.

Banks have us focusing on Interest Rates and the Rate is not the problem. The volume of interest that we pay (34.5%) out of each dollar, whether we pay cash or credit, is the Real problem! How can this be? The Federal Reserve Member Banks’ well thought out amortization schedule has you paying a high volume of interest at the beginning or at the end of the schedule. For example, on a 6% amortization schedule for a $100,000.00 ten year note, 33 cents out of every dollar paid by the debtor will be paid in outstanding interest. Conversely, if an individual pays the bank $100,000.00 cash, the bank will make at least 33% by loaning that cash to others. We will show you how to be the banker through Dividend Paying Whole Life Insurance as your financial vehicle of choice!

Your properly structured Whole Life Insurance Contract will harvest 34.5 cents out of everything you buy, and that, my friend turns your dollars into a huge asset for you. It matters not the cost; you finance everything! You know the antidote! To start your banking program today, call Nancy Jackson, Cashflow Management Specialist, 817-239-6441.

The 34 1/2% Banking Equation is as sure and constant as the setting sun in the Western sky. When you are behind 34 1/2% in a race for time to start with, it is very hard to justify owning Term Life, Stocks, Bonds, or Mutual Funds. Term Life Insurance can be added to your Whole Life Insurance contract and be fully converted to Whole Life and paid for in just a few years.


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