Let Financial Freedom Ring!

Your income has been reduced by 35% for all of your working years by the way you pay for things! When you pay with credit, others get all of your finance interest! When you pay with cash, others get all of your cash and all of its perpetual interest opportunity! Sadly, the others mentioned are the Federal Reserve, the Banks, and the Federal Government, all monopolies!!!

Just by keeping the finance interest you’ve been giving away, you can increase your actual income by 35%. There is no risk to being very efficient. The only risk is You and your ability to “be your own bank” and treat it like any successful business should be treated! Your loss is others’ gain!

Remember, money never vanishes; it just winds up under the control of someone else. The same holds true with water. It simply travels in different forms to new destinations!

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Any Of The Above Statements Untrue!!

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